Contact Form Backup plugin

I started using the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin on several sites but I wasn’t about to key in all the same form data into the WordPress sites. So I decided to create this plugin to be able to backup and restore the data across several blogs that I have.

It’s basically a WordPress plugin that allows the user to backup the forms data and download it to a local file. You can later upload and restore the file on the same WordPress blog or another site that uses the same Contact Form 7 plugin.

Planned Features

If a lot of people will find it useful, I’m thinking of adding some features like selective backup and restore.

Installing the Contact Form 7 Backup and Restore plugin

Since this plugin is not yet available at, you will have to download it from the link below. Unzip it into your WordPress plugins directory and activate it from the WordPress plugins administration page when you login to your blog.

That’s it, you can start using the plugin.

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